APR 15, 2021

UniformMarket launches 2.0 of its Brand Syndication software; allows suppliers to publish product data directly to retailers

Leading eCommerce platform providers for the uniform industry, UniformMarket officially launches a brand-new version of its innovative software, Brand Syndication 2.0, for uniform, footwear, and gear manufacturers, distributors, and retailers alike. The first-of-its-kind software offers an enterprise solution unlike any other in its field by allowing suppliers to publish product data directly to 1,000's of retailers all at once while offering automatic product updates, inventory sync-ups, and dropship integrations.
The initial version of Brand Syndication currently facilities transactions worth up to $90M a year through its 120 supplier integrations. The new version seeks to vastly increase that number as more retailers are adopting to Brand Syndication program.
"Brand Syndication 2.0 adds a wealth of new and exciting features and streamlines the process even further," says Ashok Reddy, CEO of UniformMarket. "The new version of the software will save a lot of time for manufacturers thanks to the big improvements that have been made to the software and the massive dedication our tech team has devoted to the software and UniformMarket, overall."
The new version of Brand Syndication will offer manufacturers a bevy of new functions and features while making massive improvements to the overall experience of the software. Some of the new advantages it provides to users include:
  1. Allows the suppliers to publish the updated catalog information to their retailer network all at once.
  2. Helps suppliers and manufacturers monitor MSRP violations by the retailers.
  3. Offers a free catalog website to check and validate all relevant product information.
  4. Manages dropship connections for the retailers along with approve/reject requests.
  5. Allows specific product lines to certain retailers and restricts others.
  6. Run a variety of real-time reports including sales w.r.t., map violations, low stock, out of stock reports, and more
UniformMarket, powered by SellersCommerce, works hard to continuously provide software and service updates for its products to ensure its customers have the most up-to-date and innovative experience possible. Manufacturers and suppliers of the uniform, footwear, and gear industry will be able to leverage a tool like Brand Syndication 2.0 to help with uniform catalog management and product information management while offering the original benefits of automatic product updates, live inventory syncs, and dropship integrations.
Brand Syndication 2.0 is now available to current subscribers for use.