Quick Guide: Finding the Right Uniform Catalogs for Your Industrial Uniform Store

Looking to become the next big workwear apparel retailer? You're going to need industrial uniform catalog from a variety of different manufacturers. But where to begin will likely exhaust you as it's not an easy facet of businesses to break into. Luckily, UniformMarket is here to help you get started. Before we begin, you may also want to check our comprehensive guide on Uniform Catalogs to get an idea on what exactly Uniform Catalogs are and everything you need to know about selling products from these catalogs in your online uniform store.

List of Top Industrial & Manufacturing Company Catalogs

Industrial and manufacturing uniforms can come in a variety of types of workwear apparel depending on the type of business you’re in. They come in a variety of colors, styles, brands, etc. That’s why it’s good to provide an assortment of different manufacturing uniform brands on your site in order to give people a better understanding of what’s available for selection and purchase. So, to help you out, we’ve provided a list of the Top Industrial & Manufacturing Company Catalogs you can adopt right now for your platform.

How To Select The Right Workwear Apparel Catalogs

Uniforms are an essential part of the industrial workplace experience. All industry professionals work long hours in manufacturing plants, oil & gas, factories, and the like, so the fit, cut, and flexibility of the garments they wear will impact the overall performance of the professionals. Wearing the correct uniforms for one's size and shape enables them to move freely and withstand the long hours of the shifts. So, here's a few considerations for you to ponder while deciding what uniforms and online catalogs to choose from.
  • Look up the uniform laws for your industry
    If your industry works with dangerous chemicals, machinery, tools, vehicles, etc., then it's your responsibility to assess the workplace and determine whether PPE is required and if so, what type of PPE. Afterwards, then you need to decide when it's required to be worn and provide instructions on how to wear it and take it off.
  • Consider the work environment
    The work environment is equally important when choosing the right industrial uniforms for your employees. If your employees work outside, they likely will need breathable, light apparel during summer and extra apparel like coats during non-summer months.
  • Think about the job requirements
    Variety of jobs means variety of uniform needs. You should consider how apparel style and fabric will impact your employee's job performance and job function.
  • Incorporate embroidery into your uniforms
    Your employees are just an extension of your company. For that reason alone, they should all wear the same company colors and branding. Incorporate logos or company name into the uniform when deciding what type to order for your employees.
  • Consult your employees
    Technically, you have the power, but it's your staff who has to wear the uniforms every time they come into work, which can make up most of their waking hours.