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Organized Group Purchasing

The best way for B2B sellers to keep accounts straight is by organizing them using the universal concept of groups such as buyers, products, locations and payments. Different groups of buyers can see different groups of products.

Embroidery, Logos & Silkscreen

With embroidery, logos and silkscreen options, employees will have unlimited options per store. Employees will be able to make embroidery selections based on their job function with very specific options. Another key benefit is being able to set pricing limits for each decoration item, so you will know how much everything costs and avoid going over your allowance.

Ledger Based Tracking

Ledger based tracking allows you to arrange a single ledger based on purchase orders, credit cards, allowances, quota, points or payroll deductions. Offering multiple ledger options for purchasing rules, brings a higher degree of user friendliness and transactional insight.

Quota Management

Quota Management is very useful for both distributors and retailers including bulk purchases, which may require price negotiations. One example: If an employee in general nursing has a quota of 12 scrubs per year, and can only purchase green scrubs and they purchase 8 of them. Then, perhaps they are moved to surgical nursing and now can only purchase red scrubs. The employee is still in the same quota group set and can only buy 4 more scrubs in the current year regardless of color.

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Tools to Manage Large Employee Programs


Supervisor Options

Supervisor options allows those in charge to approve new employee logins, approve all purchases, create a two-step approval process, make purchases for employees that include bulk ordering, manage employee allowances, create, edit or deactivate employees, assign employees to groups, have full access to reports, and much more.

Control The View of Products

Control The View of Products Employee apparel programs allow you to load, manage and view your product catalogs. Each account can be set up to meet the needs of your business. Employees can purchase their own scrubs or have a manager control all orders through employee groups, product set groups, and quota management.

Control The Budget

By setting a particular allowance for employee scrubs, you can help limit the cost of the products. Allowances will hold your costs down, while keeping your employees up-to-date with the uniform standards of the workplace. It also empowers your employees to manage their own purchases for uniforms.
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