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:::::: Definition SMARTstores /noun/ ::::::

A program that facilitates a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor launching online stores
for their retailers; branding each site specific to the retailer, while maintaining control
over the content, categories and products sold on the website.

How SMARTstores Work

SMARTstores give uniform manufacturers ultimate control. Manufacturers build stores for retailers.

The retailer's name, logo and contact information is placed into the store so that they look like a typical retail store but are actually run and managed by the manufacturer.

Products can even be drop shipped directly to customers from the manufacturer, streamlining the sales channel even more.

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Manufacturer Managed

The manufacturer creates one or more Master Templates that participating retailers can choose from. The marketing team at the manufacturer (or any designated party) can then update these templates on a regular basis.

Promotions can be pushed to every retailer's home page. New banners can be rotated in and out. Categories and individual products updated instantly across every participating retailers' website

Retailer Branded

Each website design features Retailer Content Widgets that allow each seller to control what is presented in specific areas.

The upper left corner may allow the retailer to load their own logo, tag line or sales message. A panel in the middle of the home page might provide an area where the retailer can include their own news about their business. The About and Contact Pages would be controlled by the retailer so they can add their own information.
From Manufacturer Master Template to Retailer Websites

Master Template Setup

“Medical Manufacturer Company"


Retailer 1

“Bunny Scrubs"

Retailer 2

“Experts in Medical"