Enjoy built-in features and service to create the ultimate buying experience for your customers & employees.

B2B Retailer Pro

From responsive site themes and ADA-compliant websites to custom widgets and SEO-friendly tools, UniformMarket provides you everything you need to quickly and effortlessly launch your successful online uniform store.
  • Responsive Themes
  • Manufacturer Catalogs
  • Group Orders
  • Embellishment
  • Customized Product Display
  • Mobile-Ready
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B2B Program Manager

Managing uniform programs for large enterprise companies is a complex endeavor. That's why we're offering state-of-the-art features and tools to help you efficiently manage all of your uniform programs.
  • Grouping of Products, Employees, & Payment Options
  • Order Approval Workflow
  • Handling Complex Payment Needs
  • Allotments
  • Embellishment
  • Enterprise Integrations
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UniformMarket provides you everything you will ever need to take your business to the next level.
  • Sub stores
  • Distributor & Agency Purchases
  • Punchout
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Quotes & Negotiations
  • Sales Rep Module
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Buyer Features

B2B Retailer Pro B2B Program Manager Enterprise
Access Permission, Users & Roles
Provide permissions and assign roles to users for different actions or sections to make managing different sections of the e-commerce platform simpler and productive.
Allot a specific number of product limits for your customers to ensure the overall product purchases are within set budget limits.
Approval Management
Create a group of approvers to approve purchases and orders and manage groups effortlessly.
Pricing Rule Engine
Set flexible pricing to specific products or customers by leveraging preferred pricing rules.
Account Management
By having access to a master admin account and options to create and assign permission to other users, managing accounts have never been this simple!
Budgets and Allowance Management
Set budgets and allowances to ensure a specific employee or group is placing orders within the parameters and limits set by you.
Employee & Department View Restrictions
Set restrictions for specific products or categories so that your employees do not have the option to view them.
Supervisor Purchases
Empower supervisors and managers of an organization to either purchase for or as an employee or group.
User Impersonation
Provide your customers the functionality to impersonate a particular user or group to make purchases as them or on their behalf.

Management Features

B2B Retailer Pro B2B Program Manager Enterprise
CSV Order Uploads
Save time and effort in placing bulk orders through CSV order uploads.
Currency Conversion
Sell across the globe without having to worry about the currency and value differences.
Custom Widgets
Leverage our customizations to create custom widgets that will be handy to scale your business.
Customer Groups
Create unlimited customer groups based on your target demographics and assign relevant products and offers accordingly.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Maintain all of your customer data in a single and secure place and seamlessly transfer it between your e-commerce store and CRM application.
Customized Product Display
We provide you the flexibility to decide how and where to display your product on your website to gain maximum attention from your customers.
Email/ Email Templates
Send automated and customizable emails to each of your customer's actions for a smooth yet great user experience.
Enterprise Integrations
Grow your business and simplify the operations by integrating enterprise-level applications into your e-commerce site.
Imports & Exports
Maintain up to date information of the changes you make on your e-commerce site and other integrations through automated and seamless Imports and Exports.
Inventory Alerts
Receive customizable inventory alerts as soon as the inventory levels go below the set limit defined by you.
Inventory Management
Automate all of the systematic data of any inventory system like sourcing, storing, quantity, etc. by integrating it with your e-commerce platform.
Responsive Design
We design your online stores to be smooth and responsive for maximum customer attraction as well as ease of navigation.
Product Customizations
Provide your customers the functionality and flexibility to customize the end products based on their requirements.
Leverage reports by generating various reports to understand your e-commerce store's performance and make decisions accordingly.
Returns Management
Provide great customer experience by managing order returns efficiently without any hassle from the Returns Management section of your e-commerce platform.
Rich CMS
Equip your e-commerce store with a rich Content Management System that is loaded with the latest and greatest features that are required to provide a great buying experience to your customers.
Responsive Themes
Choose from a variety of store templates with easy to use layouts and flexible editing options to quickly launch your website.
Back Ordering
Stop missing out on essential sales by opting to Back Order when you are expecting inventory replenishment.
Master Profiles
Save time and effort by creating a master profile with clone specific settings for new employees.
Payment Rules
Set payment rules for specific users or groups based on priority or precedence.
Product Groups
Create groups of different products and effortlessly assign them to various entities.
Product Information Management (PIM)
Achieve & seamlessly share the highest quality data between your databases and across multiple channels.
Custom Reporting Engine
Take your custom reporting game to the next level by generating reports of all types and parameters based on your business requirements and make data-backed decisions.
Multi Store Ecommerce
Create multiple stores for specific customers or organizations and differentiate which products and offers are viewable by each from a single admin.
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Connect the Warehouse Management System to your SellersCommerce store to seamlessly transfer data and reflect real-time inventory details on your platform.
Quotes and Negotiations
You can provide your customers the flexibility to either purchase with the given pricing or start a pricing negotiation for bulk orders.

Marketing Features

B2B Retailer Pro B2B Program Manager Enterprise
App store
Install enterprise-level applications from up to 10 categories to boost your business productivity and sales.
Brand Marketing
Welcome your clients with the right branding in the form of customized banner or messaging.
Coupons & Discounts
Create coupons and discounts effortlessly to attract new customers and boost your sales.
Cross sell and Upsell
Leverage productivity tools to cross, upsell, and boost your sales.
Custom Fields
Store unique or additional information of any parameter by creating unlimited number of custom fields.
Customer Branding
Greet your customers by customizing the platform to their branding design and appeal.
Gift Cards
Delight your customers or simply provide them an addition option of making a payment by creating gift cards.
Guest Checkout
Allow your customers to quickly checkout without the need to register.
Kits & Bundles
Create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by merging two or more products or accessories together to form kits and bundles.
Landing Pages
Create attractive yet effective landing pages to generate sales or capture vital customer data.
Product Recommendations
Recommend product suggestions intelligently to make the most of up-selling and cross-selling.
Quick Order Form
Leverage Quick Order Forms to enable shoppers who are familiar with your product line to quickly create an order on the fly and provide great customer experiences.
Social Selling
Sell your products and create your brand's presence across all social media channels, while effectively managing them from your e-commerce platform.
Form Builder
Leverage Functional Form Builders in an easy and creative way to capture valuable customer data.
Powerful SEO
Your e-commerce site is enriched with SEO functionalities that will help your site stay on top of search engine results.
Reviews Management
Choose between having a review section and displaying selected reviews using our handy Reviews Management tool.
Quotes Store
We understand displaying price on the website is not always the right thing to do, especially if you sell in bulk. Provide your customers the option to request a quote from the product page directly to your admin portal.
Provide your users a great customer experience through small and simple functionalities like adding favorite products to a wishlist.

Sales Features

B2B Retailer Pro B2B Program Manager Enterprise
Leverage our powerful and functional e-commerce platform to create a scalable drop shipping business.
Gateway and Payment Processing
Choose from multiple payment gateways and processes based on your budget and requirements
Inbuilt Quickbooks Connector
Handle your accounting and bookkeeping needs by leveraging the inbuilt Quickbooks Connector tool that comes with the platform.
Language Translation Engine
Language Translation Engine allows you to confidently sell across different marketplaces without the need to manually change languages according to the marketplace.
Shipping Options
Provide your customers to choose from multiple shipping options based on their location and other needs.
Tax Manager
Manage all your tax related information and settings with the help of tax applications that you can access directly from your e-commerce site.
Tiered Pricing
Set unique pricing and incentives for a specific set of preferred customers or groups and boost your customer base, sales, and revenue.
Group Builder Tool
Save on valuable time and effort by leveraging the Group Builder tool to create Group Stores on the fly.
HR Systems
Integrate HR Systems to your e-commerce platform to seamlesslly transfer employee data between them.
Automatically sync orders with the Punchout tool so that an approver assigned by your or the customer can approve the order for fulfillment.
Repeat Ordering
Encourage your customers to repeat order through tools and applications and increase customer loyalty.
Rewards Program
Build enticing rewards programs to attract customers to your store and generate more sales.
Sub Stores
We provide you store-within-a-store functionality to let you effectively manage your preferred customers.
Sales Representative Module
Tracking and managing the information of your Sales Representatives and their commissions is simplified through the Sales Representative Module.
Integrations with marketing automation platforms
Integrate marketing automation platforms to your e-commerce site for better results and overall productivity.


B2B Retailer Pro B2B Program Manager Enterprise
IP Restrictions
Allow managers and employees access to your store pite regardless of organization or department IP restrictions.
ADA Compliance
We ensure all the e-commerce stores we create are designed in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).
Unlimited Orders, Products and Bandwidth
Receive unlimited bandwidth to offer and fulfill any number of products and orders from a single platform.
Secure Checkout
Provide your customers the confidence to securely checkout from your e-commerce store and reduce the number of last moment cart abandonments.
We provide access to Rest APIs so that you can develop your own or integrate other web services to your SellersCommerce platform.
SSO Capabilities
We provide you the convenience to log in using a single sign-on (SSO) functionality which requires one credential for all your SellersCommerce platforms and multiple other applications.

Support Features

B2B Retailer Pro B2B Program Manager Enterprise
24/7 Expert Support
Help is just a call or an email away - whenever or wherever you need it throughout the e-commerce development process.
Dedicated Customer Success
We provide concierge-level service to all our customers in the form of dedicated customer success.
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