3 weeks ago

MySize teams up with SellersCommerce to ensure the right fit

The workwear market is expected to reach $15 billion by 2025 but faces significant costs related to ill-fitting uniforms and gear, which can pose numerous issues and even prove to be occupational hazards. MySize’s partnership with SellersCommerce expands the availability of their perfect sizing tech to over 3,000 stores.
MySize’s availability on SellersCommerce builds upon an already strong presence, with the solution agreeing to previous partnerships with Tricorp, Sodexo, Victory Cheer Uniforms, Nursignwear, and others. The demand for accurate, trustworthy sizing in the workwear category is especially important due to the occupational hazards that many industries face – construction and medical workers among them.
Scrubs and safety wear are essential for hygiene and protection, but uniforms are also crucial for image and value judgment based on appearance. The visibility of uniforms translates to the often unrecognized value in creating a cohesive unit, and it’s not only for the police and military.
Poorly-fitted uniforms can be a major source of irritation and discomfort, distracting an employee from the job. When employees are uncomfortable, the mindset sometimes spills over into their work, and in high stakes professions such as medical or construction workers, mistakes can’t be afforded. Regardless of what position they’re in, if a worker has to adjust their clothes constantly, they’re not nearly as productive or accurate.
Fit is also essential for those in customer-facing positions and can make or break the interaction, service, and customer judgment of a brand. But all that is lost when one is having to awkwardly fold one’s pants for them to fit.
Workwear is growing fast and that’s no surprise because of its obvious values across many fields, but that value is diluted when sizing isn’t right. MySize’s partnership with SellersCommerce, the Shopify of the workwear market, aims to better the world of workwear and uniforms and create a more cohesive business space and better service, making finding the right fit more effortless and more accessible.