Case Study #3


General Midwest Healthcare has hospitals in seven locations in the Chicago area.

They would like their doctors and nurses to order their apparel themselves and have it deducted from their paychecks. For the most part they do not require specific apparel so there are often multiple choices that can be made.

RNs can select from two specific brands. Doctors and lab technicians have a handful of lab coats from which to choose. And the people in the administrative office have a selection of business casual attire available to them.

But General Midwest does not want to manage their employees' online accounts.

They call Lakefront Uniforms to see if they can help.
Can LU provide a solution that is simple for employees to use and allows General Midwest Healthcare to effortlessly manage employee purchases?

Lakefront Uniforms says "Bring It On"!

Lakefront Uniforms creates a private store website within their UniformMarket Store, with a general password for employees. The password is distributed on the hospital's secure intranet. Once an employee logs in to the website they create an account using their employee ID number. From that point on the employee can place orders. Employees have the option to use their personal credit cards or request a payroll deduction for purchases. The information is then collected and sent back to hospital administrators for processing.

So when Jenna is hired as a pediatric nurse at General Midwest's Northside Hospital, she is given the same password as all the other employees in the General Midwest system. Using her employee ID number, she creates her personal account. When she goes to the private store she sees the options for scrubs that are available to her. She selects a set of light blue floral print scrubs, as well as scrubs with cartoons on them. She chooses the option to have her scrubs purchase deducted from her payroll and places the order. The administrators at General Midwest can then process Jenna's order.

With this Lakefront Uniform made another customer happy and General Midwest continued to save lives.

* Company names have been changed to preserve confidentiality.
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