Catalog Management
Made Manageable.

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Sales And Marketing Tools
To Assist Uniform Manufacturers

Uniform Manufacturer Brand Syndication

You, the uniform manufacturer, have the tools to easily load, manage and view your catalogs online. Retailers in your syndication receive your product data, images and marketing promotions automatically. It's so easy. Our Brand Syndication is a revolution in the way your products are presented to the world.

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Uniform Manufacturer SMARTstores

SMARTstores give uniform manufacturers ultimate control. Manufacturers build stores for retailers. They look like a typical uniform retailer store but are actually run and managed by the manufacturer. Products can even be drop shipped directly to customers from the manufacturer, streamlining the sales channel even more.

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We're giving manufacturers instant analytics. Check out sales and retailer activity, customer demographics, even MAP violations. Get seasonal reports, discover sales patterns and more. Our easy to follow analytics reports bring the info right to you.

Uniform Manufacturer B2B Program Manager

It's easy for uniform retailers to place their wholesale orders with B2B responsive buyer portals. We've been building hard working private stores longer than anyone out there. For the largest corporations to the smallest outfit. They're fast. They're reliable. They sell well and nobody does them better than UniformMarket.

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