Private Stores Are Perfect For School Apparel Programs

School/University Apparel Programs Will Empower Your Employees And Students And Reinforce The Brand of Your Company


Launch a School Apparel Program Your Customers Will Love

Controlling The View of Products at an Employee Level

By setting up each account to meet the needs of your business, employees will be able to purchase their own uniforms or have a manager order/control orders through employee groups. For example: Faculty that is required to wear color coordinated uniforms will be able to order the exact size and color while other faculty members in different departments will only see what they need.

Control Color and Products By Department and Location

By controlling color and products by the department, you will be able to provide consistency to your customers. You can ensure faculty members purchase the right uniforms through employee and product groups by department and/or location. Payment groups within departments, locations, or company-wide will consolidate spending and improve efficiency.

Controlling The Budget

By creating a set allowance for your workers to purchase corporate apparel, you help limit the cost of the products. Allowances let you bring your costs down to a sensible level while still helping your employees keep up with the uniform standards of the workplace. It also enables your workers to manage their own corporate apparel purchases.

Create a Store Within a Store With Preferred Groups

Preferred Groups provide each of your clients a concierge level service through our “Store within a Store" offering. The preferred group allows you to only see the industrial/fire resistant workwear you want your customers to see at discounted rates, along with customizable settings featuring their logos and more.
Enterprise B2B Ecommerce Platform For School Uniform Providers Used by 1000+ Distributors, Retailers, and Manufacturers in the Uniform, Footwear, and Gear industry.

Create a Tailored Shopping Experience


Dedicated Private Stores

By customizing the needed workflow of your business through Private Stores, you will also be able to customize what each employee can see and/or order while setting allowances by prices, credit cards or quotas. Schools and universities around the country will be able to order school apparel for each department in any size and color with a school logo.

Embellishment Management

Add a personal touch to your corporate apparel uniforms such as polos or pullover sweaters. Shoppers will be able to personalize any products on the website. Customize your products with embellishments, embroidery etc. Create specific options for each product with cost requirements. Apply a logo, name, color, and more for any given product.

Content Management System

B2B Program Manager is the perfect eCommerce software to run school/university apparel programs. You will be able to manage the needs of your customers with personalized settings and each account can be designed to meet the needs of your organization. Our unique CMS provides customers with flexible layouts, WYSIWYG tools, CSS Editor, instant page editing, friendly widgets for content placement, custom widget creation and more! The incredibly easy to use tools in our content management system, make it the most powerful eCommerce sitebuilder available. You will marvel at all the features and options at your fingertips!

Here’s How We Simplified Selling School Uniforms Online

challenge A leading scrubs dealer was struggling with enabling purchases of work-related clothing across large hospitals.
solution We found a new way of organizing shoppers and products that allows customers to only sees the items they’re searching for.
results We improved the efficiency of their program as well as enable them to sell their products effectively to larger clients.

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Uniform Market Discovery & Demo Meeting

This meeting will allow us to discuss your requirements and business goals and determine if our platform is the right fit for your needs.


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