We Help Public Safety Uniform Providers Win & Manage Direct Sale Department Contracts Using Uniform Purchasing Platform.

Private Stores Are Perfect For Public Safety and Tactical Uniforms Retailer, Distributor, or Manufacturer Doing Direct Sales


Launch Uniform Purchasing Programs For Your Direct Sale Customers

Control The View of Products by Job Function & Department

By using a group password, workers will only see their specific products and options that are listed in their employee allowance, job function or department. This helps reduce the number of incorrect orders and returns while making it easier for the end user. Users will only see what you want them to see while branding their private shopping portal.

Employers Can Use Allowance Programs

Employee allowance programs allow you to limit the amount of spending that happens from worker to worker. Allowances give the employer the option to tailor their private stores to specific items that employees can (and need to) purchase. You can also decide which styles are available to each worker and as an administrator, view what products were ordered, how much your employees spent/how much allowance is left and more.

Employee Groups Ensure Employees Purchase The Right Garments

Those working in law enforcement, fire, EMS, public transportation and security looking to purchase public safety equipment and uniforms with a specific look and feel, can do so with B2B Program Manager's customized settings. For example: EMS-First Responders will only be able to see and purchase their required outerwear, shirts and pants while those who require high visibility safety apparel will only be able to see and purchase high visibility garments.

Content Management System

Our unique CMS provides customers with flexible layouts, WYSIWYG tools, CSS Editor, instant page editing, friendly widgets for content placement, custom widget creation and more! The incredibly easy to use tools in our content management system, make it the most powerful eCommerce site-builder available. You may marvel at all the features and options at your fingertips, but the real marvel is how well it works.
Enterprise B2B Ecommerce Platform For Public Safety Uniform Providers Used by 1000+ Distributors, Retailers, and Manufacturers in the Uniform, Footwear, and Gear industry.

Create a Tailored Shopping Experience For Your Customers


Over 25+ Catalogs for Public Safety

Get automatic product updates directly from manufacturers! Our revolutionary Brand Syndication feature builds a seamless integration with the supplier, ensuring that any public safety product change is instantly updated to your store, without you having to upload anything yourself.

Create a Store Within a Store With Preferred Groups

Preferred Groups provide each of your clients a concierge level service through our “Store within a store" offering. The preferred group allows your customers to only see the public safety products you want them to see at discounted rates, along with customizable settings featuring their logos and more.

Dedicated Private Stores

Law enforcement, corrections, fire, EMS, government and security workers will be able to order public safety uniforms for each department through dedicated private stores. Private stores let you customize what each individual can see or order while extensive rules allow you to choose specific colors, sizes and more for any given product or customer.

Multiple Payment Methods

Depending on your business needs, use multiple payment methods or set allowances. You can set allowances by price, credit cards or quotas. Extensive rules allow you to set up payroll deductions and combinations that allows customers or workers to pay via credit card for any amount that goes over their current allowance.

Here’s How We Simplified Selling Public Safety Uniform Online

challenge A Tactical distributor serving law enforcement and sporting markets for 55 years. Their challenge was retaining their VIP customers and staying ahead of competition through product and technology innovation.
solution We enabled our customers to launch customized stores for their VIP clients to run employee uniform & gear programs. Equip them with value-added tools like vest manager to helped them retain and win more VIP customers.
results They are now serving uniforms and gear to over 18 public safety accounts, 10K public safety professionals combined. Ease of ordering uniforms; Increased revenues from their VIP Customers by 20% within 1 year.

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