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    • Don't limit your customers to just their embroidery needs!


      "Listening closely to the needs of nurses, we've thoughtfully designed our scrubs for the way you work and live—with fun colors, easy-care fabrics and plenty of pockets. So every day, you wear confidence and comfort, seam to seam."
      • Before engaging with Uniform Market, they used to take their embroidery orders out of the ecommerce system. It used to be a very complex task to visualize how the final embroidery looks like on the garment.
      • Once they started working with Uniform Market, We set up their embroidery manager system and integrated it into their newly built B2C ecommerce website.
      • As a result, they have a new SEO optimized website, They no longer spend a lot of time manually taking embroidery orders but instead they automated the entire embroidery system.
    • Pump up eCommerce with UniformMarket. See why they moved from Volusion to our B2B Retailer Pro platform.

      All Uniform Wear Case Study

      "Established for 30 years; All Uniform Wear takes pride in it's years of service and commitment to the uniform and custom embroidery industry. Initially servicing the State of Florida, All Uniform Wear has expanded its distribution network to include the entire United States and Caribbean. "
      • Before engaging with UniformMarket, they had hosted their ecommerce on volusion, though it was functional, it did not provide them enough sales conversion and just maintaining it was an ordeal task for them. One of the company's requirements for ecommerce was a light-weight platform that offered a variety of out-of-box features to avoid integrating multiple solutions.
      • Once they started to work with Uniform Market, we implemented their ecommerce store to serve their unique requirements and the POS integrations.
      • As a Result: UniformMarket's rich set of built-in features such as product information management and order management system provided AUW the foundation it needed to begin ecommerce and scale as the company grows online.
      " For the first time, I am working with a TEAM that listens and collaborates with us! Honestly, this is the most fun I have had in a long time (Yes, work should be fun)! More importantly, this is the closest we have ever come to finally overcoming years of ecommerce failure. " - Oliver H. Garcia Director of Marketing & Public Relations

      Create custom pricing and custom products

      "Family-owned since 1946, our family has been providing the medical community with the finest in products and services for nearly 70 years. Our goal is to offer you the best prices on our high-quality uniforms and shoes every day."
      • Before engaging with UniformMarket, they were taking group orders via phone and email. While managing and fulfilling the orders was a challenge on one-hand, They did not have visibility on the shopper's persona or the sales forecast from their group accounts.
      • Once they started to work with Uniform Market, they setup an account on B2B Program Manager for the company. Product Groups are created to manage the unique decoration specs per location. Shipping Groups are used to ensure shoppers do not change addresses.
      • As a Result: They can now manage the group accounts completely online and offer deals, discounts specific to the clinics all with few clicks.
    • Selling online from over 7 catalogs and keeping website up-to-date with latest product information is not time-consuming anymore.


      "We opened our family owned business August 2013. We strive to provide you with medical and nursing uniforms, medical instruments, supplies, accessories and nursing shoes from the most well-known manufacturers in the healthcare industry"
      • Before engaging with Uniform Market, they tried various generic eCommerce platforms. Their biggest challenge was updating the products and the justifying the returns for the hours spent on maintaining online store . They were selling online from over 7 catalogs and always keeping website up-to-date with product information was very time-consuming.
      • They started working with Uniform Market. We did all the the heavy lifting of maintaining the product and inventory updates from the all the major suppliers.
      • As a result, they no longer spend tons of hours a month, just to update product information on their online store. They use the native benefits of our platform like automatic product updates and inventory updates to seamlessly take and fulfill orders online.
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