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:::::: Definition BRAND SYNDICATION /verb/ ::::::

The process by which a Manufacturer uses online tools to load and manage their product data,
for the purpose of feeding that information to authorized retailers.

Join The Brand Syndication Library

Your portal into the Brand Syndication Library becomes your central location to organize and access all your data.

What's really exciting, though, is that authorized retailers in your Brand Syndication channel receive your updated product data, images and marketing promotions automatically.

Every time you update your product data you are automatically feeding that information to every retailer in your Brand Syndication, so it really pays to keep it fresh.

It's so easy.


When Your Publish… Your Retailers Get Instant Updates

What You Do.

Load your catalog into the library.
Add your products yourself or we can do it for you.
Include current and accurate images, descriptions, price lists, etc.

What Your Retailer Does.

They "join your Brand Syndication", and choose all or some of your products.
Products are then automatically loaded into their online store.
You change any data and it instantly updates in the retailer's online store.

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What Retailers Are Using
Brand Syndication?

  • Uniform retailers, dealers and distributors
  • Industrial rental laundries
  • Promotional product distributors
  • Embroiderers and screen printers
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Why Are Manufacturers Using
Brand Syndication?

  • Accurate presentation of your products
  • Help your retailers stay current with your brand
  • Access analytics/reports on your products
  • Self-service or let us handle it all
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Brand Syndication?

  • We will help you select a design
  • Identify the brand catalogs to load
  • Train you in how to use the platform
  • Explain how to add products, adjust prices, etc.
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