Branded Stores That Do The Talking For Your Business

Maintain Brand Identity Across All Of Your Stores


What Are Brand Stores

A program that facilitates a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor launching online stores for their retailers; branding each site specific to the retailer, while maintaining control over the content, categories and products sold on the website.

Simple Solution to Serve Multiple Customer Segments

What Are Branded Stores?

A comprehensive B2C & B2B ecommerce solution serving more than 1000 customers, Branded Stores is an Enterprise eCommerce solution for Retailers, Distributors and Suppliers that provides Supplier Catalog Data through Product Information Management (PIM).

Manage Microsites

Master Admin allows you to manage and design the default template for your clients and determine the fixed branding that applies to your clients' sites. Allow clients the freedom to advertise on specific sections.

Obtain Customers Online Faster!

Through an easy and convenient form, any client can configure their store within minutes - with all the high level details included. Sales agents can own the process from start to finish with simplicity that encourages total client involvement and much more.

Easy Control Store Configurations

B2B Master account lets you create as many client accounts as your business needs, and each client account has access to the admin functions, which can be controlled by your Master account. Determine your client's shopping and operational experience through the many admin functions like payment programs, quotas, product groups, employee groups etc.

How Brand Stores Work

The retailer's name, logo and contact information is placed into the store so that they look like a typical retail store but are actually run and managed by the manufacturer. Products can even be drop shipped directly to customers from the manufacturer, streamlining the sales channel even more. Find out if BRANDstores is the right solution for your retailers. Request a Demo

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