Case Study #1

Big Oil Strikes Gold with Uniform Universe

Big Oil is a big company with a big challenge. They have hundreds of employees and new employees start throughout the year. Their employees may be based at multiple locations covering a wide territory. Each employee will order up to 5 coveralls or jackets the first year, and 3 every year after from a range of 5 styles.

Here comes Uniform Universe to help!

Uniform Universe sets up a private store for Big Oil within their UniformMarket online store. The store is only available to Big Oil employees or their managers through a login. Employees can then help themselves ordering any of the styles chosen for them or managers can do it for them. Big Oil can easily keep track of per-employee spending. The employees can easily place the correct order. Big Oil gets reports to accurately follow all spending specific purchasing/business rules.

Meanwhile, Uniform Universe is a big hero to Big Oil.

They gave Big Oil incredible customer service. They set them up with a program that will continue to work for them again and again, making Big Oil a loyal customer to Uniform Universe. Big Oil is happy. Uniform Universe is happy.

Big Oil is Profitable. Uniform Universe is Profitable.

* Company names have been changed to preserve confidentiality
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