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Big Oil Strikes Gold
with Uniform Universe.

Big Oil has a big challenge.

They have hundreds of employees and new employees start throughout the year. Their employees may be based at multiple locations covering a wide territory. Each employee will order up to 5 coveralls or jackets the first year, and 3 every year after from a range of 5 styles.

Western Foods Inc Gets 5 Star
Service from UniformMasters.

Western Foods, Inc., a large company, owns and operates three restaurant chains covering ten states.

There's Gulf Coast Diner, located in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The Great Plains Grill can be found in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado. And Canyon House, in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah favorite.


Lakefront Uniforms Cures
General Midwest's Woes.

General Midwest Healthcare has hospitals in seven locations in the Chicago area.

They would like their doctors and nurses to order their apparel themselves and use payroll deduct. For the most part they do not require specific apparel so there are often multiple choices that can be made.