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UniformMarket all-in-one ecommerce solution lets you easily create, manage and expand your store.

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From responsive themes and ADA compliant websites to custom widgets and templates, UniformMarket provides you everything you need to quickly and effortlessly launch your online uniform store.

  • Responsive Themes
    Choose from 25 uniform store templates to quickly launch your website. Easy to use layout gives you the flexibility to edit the CMS.
  • Group Orders
    Manage multiple groups by creating a custom group and assigning them a login to provide a custom experience.
  • Custom Domain
    Promote your brand with a custom domain of your choice. Let shoppers know about your brand.
  • Navigation Editor
    Simple to edit navigation allows you to choose the layout of your website and design the pages fastly with ease.
  • Rich CMS
    Want to maintain the brand consistency across your website? You can take control of the CMS using our CSS Editor
  • Embellishment
    Embellishment Manager helps you to configure which products are eligible for customization.
  • Asset Manager
    Digital Asset Manager allows you to manage all your digital assets from a single place.
  • Tax Manager
    Tax Manager provides as well as allows you to adjust your tax rates specific to the regions of your operation.
  • Custom Widgets
    Do you have HTML knowledge? Make use of your skills by creating your own widgets to use it in multiple places and where ever required.
  • Secure Checkout
    PCI certified checkout process creates a secure layer for all your transactions.
  • Wishlist
    Wishlist manager helps you to convert an interest into a potential order with a customized message to the shopper
  • Customized Product Display
    Display your product in multiple ways which you think will help your customers. Product suggestions help you generate upsell.
  • Mobile-Ready
    Mobile optimized website gives you customers to order any where and on any device.
  • Gateway and Payment Processing
    Allow your customers to palce orders through multiple gateways which includes Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayPal and many more. No restriction on the number of payment configurations to your store.
  • Secure Site
    SSL certificates are installed to your store to ensure it is fully protected at all times.
  • Shipping Options
    Our range of shipping options allows you to deliver across the USA and multiple other countries globally.
  • Unlimited Orders, Products, and Bandwidth
    We provide you with a unique flexibility to fulfill and display unlimited number of orders and products, unlike anyone else in the market.
  • Staff User Accounts with Permissions
    Enable seperate logins to your staff and set permission to manage your site accordingly.
  • ADA Compliance
    Your e-commerce store is designed in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).
  • Email Templates
    Leverage email templates to boost your e-comerce sales
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
    Ensure accurate product information across your e-commerce platform and other channels with our integrated Product Information Management system.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Maintain and manage all your customer related data in a single place and have it seamlessly transfer between it and your e-commerce store.
Manage Manage

Managing your uniform store is as important as launching it. That's why we brought to you best-in-class features and tools to efficiently manage your store.

  • Uniform Catalogs
    Subscribe to catalogs of your choice and stay ahead with product updates from Manufacturers. This means, you don't have to worry about maintaining inventory as it will be taken care through drop shipping.
  • Process Orders
    Ordering is made simple with just 3 clicks. UniformMarket lets you easily process the orders quickly and reflect the changes in your ERP or other integrations.
  • Currency Conversion
    Our Currency Conversion tools enables you to sell across the globe without worrying about the currency.
  • Search Functionality
    Help customers locate the right product by searching across brands, categories, products and SKUs.
  • Banner Images and Marketing Messages
    Add a customized banner with our free and intutive slider widget.
  • Powerful SEO
    Manage all your sitemaps, website structure, titles and meta description to make your website SEO friendly.
  • Manage Reviews
    With the review management system you get to know about your customers expectation and make the necessary changes.
  • Imports
    Manage your product inventory through CSV imports. This allows you to update your products instantly.
  • Users With Roles
    Create multiple users with different roles and permission levels. This helps you to manage your store easily.
  • Quotes Manager
    Quotes manager enables you to approve or reject quotes, and send an email from the Quote Manager.
  • API Access
    You have access to seamlessly transfer data between your platform and applications through API.
  • Repeat Ordering
    Avail tools and applications to improve repeat orders and customer loyalty.
  • Pricing Rules
    Set flexible pricing to specific products or shoppers by leveraging pricing rules.
  • Quick Order Forms
    Enable your shoppers who are familiar with your product line to quickly create an order on the fly through Quick Order Forms.
  • CSV Order Uploads
    Fulfilling hundreds and thousands of orders is simplified by uploading bulk orders through CSV Order Uploads
  • Guest Checkout
    Provide you shoppers, the flexibility and ease to checkout without the need to register through Guest Checkout.
  • Back Ordering
    With back ordering, you can avoid missing out on critical order values in spite of not having inventory at that moment.
  • Landing Pages
    Create attention-grabbing and converting landing pages for your e-commerce store.
  • Tiered Pricing
    Offer exclusive pricing and unique incentives to your specific set of preferred shoppers or groups to boost your customer base, sales, and revenue.
  • 24/7 Expert Support
    Avail 24/7 expert assistance whenever or wherever you are stuck, at the click of a button.
  • Returns Management
    Manage order returns in a hassle-free and timely process.
  • Inventory Management
    Never run out of inventory by having an eye on it through our integrated e-commerce platform and ensure its availability at all times.
Grow Grow

UniformMarket provides you everything you will ever need to take your uniform store to the next level.

  • No Transaction Fee
    Our monthly-fee model allows you to grow your business without worrying about the number of transactions.
  • Sub Stores
    We provide you store-within-a-store functionality to let you effectively manage your preferred customers.
  • Shopper Groups
    Shopper groups allows you to create multiple groups and assign specific products, differnet pricing, coupouns and discounts.
  • Coupons and Discounts
    Create coupons specific to a category, product and even the color.
  • Dropshipping
    Subscribe to multiple catalogs that allows dropshipping and reduce the burden of maintaining the inventory.
  • Reports
    Easy to read and default reporting modules gives you the complete overview of products, orders and sales.
  • Apps
    25+ apps designed for uniform retailers like you to enhance your store features.
  • Product Recommendations
    Boost your sales by tracking your customer's behaviour and recommending apt products.
  • Integrations
    UniformMarket integrations allows you to integrate your store with multiple CRM, ERP and email marketing tools.
  • Campaigns
    Campaigns feature allows you to create and send out customized email campaigns for the abondened cart shoppers, Wishlists and other custom lists.
  • Social Selling
    Sell your products by displaying and promoting them across all social media channels.
  • Gift Cards
    Boost sales by generating gift cards and delighting your shoppers
  • Built-in Blog App
    Promote your brand and share knowledge with the easy-to-use built-in blog application.
  • Translation Engine
    Translation Engine allows you to confidently sell across different marketplaces without letting language be a barrier.
  • Form Builder
    Create handy and creative forms to capture valuable shopper information and build your database.
  • Integrations with Marketing Automation Platforms
    Integrate with a range of marketing automation platforms and applications and take your marketing to the next level.
  • Rewards Program
    Create innovative rewards programs to entice your shoppers and boost your business.
  • Social Sharing
    Promote your products by allowing your shoppers to share them across all social media channels.
  • Custom Reporting Engine
    Generate custom reports with endless possibilities based on your business requirements.
  • Badge Designer
    Provide your uniform shoppers the flexibility to design or customize their badges.
  • Embellishment
    Provide a personalized experience to your shoppers by enabling embellishment options to customize the products on multiple levels based on their requirements.

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