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UniformMarket all-in-one ecommerce solution lets you easily create, manage and expand your store.

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Get all the tools and features required to launch effective uniform programs for your customers.

  • Employee Groups
    Create groups of employees from a specific organization to easily assign products, payments, allowances, shipping options, and many others based on the rules you set.
  • Employee Custom Fields
    Store unique or additional information of your employee with the help of Employee Custom Fields.
  • Imports & Exports
    Maintain up to date information of your employees througout your e-commerce platform and other integrations through automated and simplified Imports and Exports.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Maintain and manage a vast customer and employee information by integrating your uniform store with a Customer Relationship Management tool.
  • Approver Groups
    Assign hierarchical approvers to ensure the employees are ordering uniforms within their allowed budget or from a product list that is related to them.
  • Product Groups
    Group products together and effortlessly assign them to specific employees or employee groups.
  • Kits & Bundles
    Merge two or more products or accessories together to form kits and bundles and sell together.
  • Inventory Alerts
    Receive inventory alerts as soon as the inventory level reaches a specified limit, so that you can immediately replenish it.
  • Pricing Rules
    Set flexible pricing to specific products or customers by leveraging pricing rules.
  • Email Email Templates
    Leverage email templates to boost your e-commerce sales by sending automated and customizable emails based on your user actions.
  • Payment Gateways
    Choose from multiple payment gateways to seamlessly accept and receive money from your customers after checkout.
  • Tax Management
    Automate and simplify tax compliance across the USA and abroad with a simple to use Tax Management tool, integrated to your e-commerce
  • Shipping Carriers
    Choose from multiple shipping carriers based on pricing, location, benefits, delivery options and many more.
  • Flexible CMS
    Create attention-grabbing content with the help of images, and words without the need for complex coding,using our flexible CMS tool.
  • Customer Branding
    Provide a brand-centric experience to your end users in the form of similar design and appeal.
  • List and Grid Views
    Choose between list view and grid view to display your products to your customers.
  • Secure Checkout
    Provide your customers the confidence to make payment and complete the order through our platform's secure checkout process.
  • Mobile Responsive
    All your e-commerce web pages are made mobile-responsive to ensure better SEO.
Manage Manage

Managing uniform programs for large organizations and running your uniform stores efficiently just got easier with our range of productivity tools and features.

  • Allotments
    Assign a number of uniforms a specific employee can purchase over a certain period of time through the Allotment tool.
  • User Impersonation
    With UniformMarket's unique and handy User Impersonation tool, admins and managers can impersonate a specific employee by buying as or simply buy for that employee.
  • Supervisor Purchases
    Assign supervisors or managers, the functionality and flexibility to purchase on behalf of a specific employee or groups.
  • Budgets and Allowance Management
    Set budgets and allowances to ensure a specific employee or group is placing orders within the parameters and limits set by you.
  • Employee & Department View Restrictions
    Allow specific employees or departments to view only those uniforms and accessories and even pricing that are assigned to them.
  • Embellishments & Embroidery
    Provide your customers the required personalization options to embellish or use embroidery to stand apart from the rest or to simply comply with their uniform standards
  • Payment Options
    Provide multiple payment options or a combination of payment options based on your or your customer's requirements
  • Payment Rules
    Set flexible payment rules to specific products or customers like setting priority and precedences.
  • Inventory Management
    Manage all the systematic data of an inventory like sourcing, storing, quantity, and many others by integrating it to your e-commerce platform.
  • Approval Management
    Assign one or more approvers to approve a specific employee purchase of a product or the order value.
  • Returns Management
    Approve or decline order returns with a hassle-free and simple returns management tool integrated directly into your e-commerce store.
  • Shipping Rules
    Assign shipping rules based on products, carriers, and locations to simplify complex process and set shipping rates accordingly.
  • IP Restrictions
    Allow managers and even employees to access your e-commerce platform irrespective of IP restrictions.
  • Master Profiles
    Create a master profile to effortlessly clone specific settings to new employees.
  • Roles & Access Permissions
    Set roles and assign permissions in the form of approvers to ensure employees are purchasing the products they are assigned with and within their order limit.
  • Coupons & Discounts
    Generate Coupons and Discounts to entice new and existing customers and boost your overall sales.
  • Auto Reorder
    Leverage the power of subscription model by enabling Auto Reorder tool on your e-commerce platform.
  • Warehouse Management System
    Seamlessly transfer data between your warehouse and the e-commerce platform by integrating Warehouse management System.
  • 24/7 Expert Support
    Avail 24/7 expert assistance whenever or wherever you are stuck, at the click of a button.
Grow grow

Get all the support you need to scale your uniform business to the next level through our awesome features and tools.

  • API Access
    You have access to seamlessly transfer data between your online uniform store and applications through API and integrations.
  • Enterprise Connectors
    Leverage our range of handy and efficient Enterprise Connectors to seamlessly transfer data bewteen them and your e-commerce store to eventually boost your sales and productivity.
  • Sub Stores
    Manage uniform programs for multiple organizations by creating sub stores and effortlessly managing all those from a single portal.
  • App store
    Choose from a range of enterprise-level applications to boost your uniform program's productivity and efficiency and eventually the business.
  • Reports
    Generate and view various reports to understand your online uniform store or program's performance.
  • Custom Reporting Engine
    Generate functional and complex reports with endless possibilities based on your business requirement.
  • Integrated Size Recommendation Solutions
    Leverage technological solutions like size recommendation features to accurately recommend uniform sizes to your customers based on their preferences and past purchases.
  • Client Admin
    We provide seperate login portal for each of your clients to manage and maintain their employees and other aspects of a uniform program.
  • Group Builder Tool
    Empower your sales representatives to build group stores on the fly through our unique Group Builder tool.
  • Punchout
    Automatically sync orders with the Punchout tool so that an approver assigned by your or the customer can approve the order for fulfillment.
  • Asset Manager Tool
    Assign, maintain, operate, and sell assets in a cost-effective manner with the Asset Manager tool.
  • Custom Programming
    We provide custom programming to shape your e-commerce store to your complex business requirements.
  • Inbuilt Translation Engine
    Confidently sell across multiple marketplaces across the globe without worrying about language with the built in Translation Engine.
  • Reward Program
    Create innovative rewards programs to entice your shoppers and boost your uniform business.
  • HR Systems
    Integrate HR Systems to your e-commerce platform to seamlesslly transfer employee data between them.
  • Inbuilt Quickbooks Connector
    Manage your business efficiently by keeping a track of your accounting and bookeeping needs with the help of the inbuilt Quickbooks Connector.
  • CRM Connectors
    Maintain and manage all your customer related data in a single place and transfer it seamlessly between your e-commerce store.
  • Payroll deduct
    Enable paymentless checkout process based on your customer's requirement through the Payroll Deduct option.

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