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UniformMarket B2B Distributor Portal solution lets you easily create, manage and expand your B2B accounts.

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Launch Buyers

From order history and bulk orders to custom reports, UniformMarket provides you everything you need to quickly and effortlessly launch your B2B account.

  • Access Permission, Users & Roles
    Provide permissions and assign roles to users for different actions or sections to make managing your eCommerce platform simpler and productive.
  • Approval Management
    Assign one or more approvers to approve a specific purchase from a location or a user.
  • Account Management
    Account Management allows the admin user of an account to organize users, set access permissions, run reports, check order history and many more.
  • Bulk Order
    Bulk order allows you to order the products by entering the product code and SKU level quantities to place the order.
  • Live Inventory
    Connect your ERP to show live inventory to your buyers at the SKU level before purchasing.
  • Orders and Purchase History
    Users can access the orders and their purchase history for a quick reordering of products or the details of the previous orders.
  • Quotes
    Users should be able to request a quote on certain products such as new launches from the web store.
  • Reorder
    Users can quickly re-order the products by going through the order history available under the My Account section.
  • User & Department View Restrictions
    Set restrictions for specific modules such as reports, payments, products to the users of the account so the users can see what they are supposed to do.
  • WishList
    Users can add certain products to their WishList and can be converted to an order at any point. Users can add products to either a global WishList or a private WishList.
Account Management account management

Managing your backend configuration as important as launching it. That's why we brought to you best-in-class features and tools to efficiently manage your store's backend.

  • Back Ordering
    With backorder, you can avoid missing out on critical order values in spite of not having inventory at that moment.
  • CSV Order Uploads
    Fulfilling hundreds and thousands of orders is simplified by uploading bulk orders through CSV Order Uploads.
  • Currency Conversion
    Our Currency Conversion tools enable you to sell across the globe without worrying about the currency.
  • Custom Reporting Engine
    Generate custom reports with endless possibilities based on your business requirements.
  • Custom Widgets
    Do you have HTML knowledge? Make use of your skills by creating your own widgets to use in multiple places and where ever required.
  • Customer Segments
    Create unlimited customer segments based on your target demographics and assign relevant products and offers accordingly.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Maintain and manage vast customer and employee information by integrating your B2B store with a Customer Relationship Management tool.
  • Customized Product Display
    We provide you the flexibility to decide how and where to display your product on your website to gain maximum attention from your customers.
  • Email Templates
    Leverage email templates to send timely updates to your customers.
  • Enterprise Integrations
    Grow your business and simplify the operations by integrating enterprise-level applications into your eCommerce site.
  • Imports & Exports
    Imports & Exports allows you to insert/ update some of the data from the back-end without doing it manually.
  • Inventory Alerts
    Receive customizable inventory alerts as soon as the inventory levels go below the set limit defined by you.
  • Invoice Management
    Either integrate your store with the ERP to pull the invoice details or generate automated invoices from the ecommerce store itself.
  • Product Customizations
    Provide your customers the functionality and flexibility to customize the end products based on their requirements.
  • Reports
    Generate and view various reports to understand your B2B business sales and analytics.
  • Responsive Design
    We design your online stores to be smooth and responsive for easy ordering as well as ease of navigation.
  • Responsive Themes
    Choose from a variety of store templates with easy-to-use layouts and flexible editing options to quickly launch your website.
  • Returns Management
    Approve or decline order returns with a hassle-free and simple returns management tool integrated directly with your ERP.
  • Rich CMS
    Equip your eCommerce store with a rich Content Management System that is loaded with the latest and greatest features that are required to provide a great buying experience to your customers.
  • Master Profiles
    Create a master profile to effortlessly clone specific settings to new buyers.
  • Payment Rules
    Set payment rules for your buyers based on condition.
  • Product Segmentation
    Group products together and assign them to buyers so buyers can only see what they are allowed to see in their store.
  • Warehouse Management System
    Allows the admin to manage multiple warehouses along with their inventories.
Marketing Marketing features

UniformMarket provides you everything you will ever need to promote to your accounts.

  • App store
    Choose from a range of enterprise-level applications to enhance the capabilities of your B2B store.
  • Banner Images and Marketing Messages
    Banners provide you the functionality to display relevant and customizable banner images and marketing messages for each of your customers.
  • Coupons & Discounts
    Create coupons and discounts effortlessly to attract new sales.
  • Cross sell and Upsell
    Leverage productivity tools to cross and up-sell and boost your sales.
  • Custom Fields
    Store unique or additional information of any parameter by creating an unlimited number of custom fields.
  • Customer Branding
    Greet your customers by customizing the platform to their branding design and appeal.
  • Email Blast
    Share information on the latest products, company updates to your buyers.
  • Form Builder
    Leverage functional Form Builder in an easy and creative way to capture valuable customer data.
  • Kits & Bundles
    Merge two or more products or accessories together to form kits and bundles and sell together.
  • Product Recommendations
    Recommend product suggestions intelligently to make the most of up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
    Ensure accurate product information across your eCommerce platform and other channels with our integrated Product Information Management system.
sales sales features

UniformMarket provides you everything you will ever need to increase more sales.

  • Digital Catalog Builder
    Allow a sales rep to create a custom catalog as per the needs of the buyer.
  • Inbuilt Quickbooks Connector
    Manage your business efficiently by keeping a track of your accounting and bookkeeping needs with the help of the inbuilt Quickbooks Connector.
  • Language Translation Engine
    Language Translation Engine allows you to modify the language of your store according to their preference.
  • Payments
    Configure various types of payment options such as Purchase Orders, ACH payments, Credit Cards specific to each buyer.
  • Pricing Rule Engine
    Price Engine allows you to set dynamic prices for certain products based on the product attributes such as colors, size and quantity.
  • Punchout
    Punchout system allows your buyer to place the orders from their internal system without login into the ecommerce store.
  • Rewards
    Build enticing rewards programs to encourage your customers to generate more sales.
  • Re-order
    Encourage your customers to repeat orders through tools and applications and increase customer loyalty.
  • Shipping Options
    Provide your customers to choose from multiple shipping options based on their location and other needs.
  • Tax Manager
    Tax Manager provides as well as allows you to adjust your tax rates specific to the regions of your operation.
  • Tiered Pricing
    Offer exclusive pricing and unique incentives to your specific set of preferred shoppers or groups to boost your customer base, sales, and revenue.
technology Technology

UniformMarket provides you with the best-in-class technology service.

  • ADA Compliance
    Your eCommerce store is designed in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Cloud Platform
    100% cloud platform allows you to scale up whenever it is required and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • IP Restrictions
    IP restrictions allow the admin to make the store accessible from certain IP addresses or restrict access from IP addresses.
  • API Access
    You have access to seamlessly transfer data between your platform and applications through APIs.
  • Secure Checkout
    PCI-certified checkout process creates a secure layer for all your transactions.
  • SSO Capabilities
    We provide you the convenience to log in using a single-sign-on (SSO) functionality which requires one credential for your eCommerce store and multiple other applications.

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