Complete Picture of Assets at Your Fingertips

Asset Manager enables law enforcement agencies to keep track of valuable equipment & inventory vital to their day-to-day operations throughout its lifecycle.

Track Everything from Armor to Ammo

We believe that better asset tracking leads to improved business efficiency. Therefore, our asset manager is built to categorically track officer-issued equipment, departmental valuables, fixed assets, and even the large fleet of employees. It also allows quartermasters to monitor to whom the assets are assigned and when they are due for inspection/repair.

The Easy 4-step Process to Managing Assets

From sizing to assigning, manage everything easily with Asset Manager.

  • 1. Start a sizing session
  • 2. Order the Asset as per the size specifications
  • 3. Assign and Track the assets issued to officer
  • 4. Know the status of assets with robust reporting

Spreadsheets Are Now a Thing of the Past

Asset Manager leverages the power of automation to track, manage, distribute and maintain valuable assets digitally that can be fetched in a single click.

It acts as a common platform between public safety manufacturers & law enforcement agencies to store employee measurements, place orders and assign them to respective officers.

Bringing Asset Sales & Tracking Under One Roof

One-Stop Solution for All Things Asset

Size, order & assign assets from a single platform by automating workflow for gear and supply transfers.

RDIF Compatible for End-To-End Traceability

Never lose track of any on-field equipment! Whom is it assigned to, when is it due for repair, where is it located - access everything across a user-friendly dashboard.

Digital Signature Collection

Collect signatures digitally upon approval of orders and fulfillment from concerned personnel.

Fetch Any Asset Report in a Click

Maintain a complete electronic history of each item and pull reports to understand the usability and service of assets.

Book 15-min Demo to Get Started

If you are a public safety manufacturer who is:
  • Is having a hard time tracking & managing your sales
  • Is overwhelmed by the orders or repair requests from different agencies
  • Wants to have end-to-end visibility with asset fulfillment
  • Wants to save time & improve ROI
Speak to our experts now and embrace the power of automation with Asset Manager.