Asset Tracking System for Quartermasters.

Automate Tracking of Valuable Equipment, Assets, and Supplies. Flexible and Easy to Use.

What is Asset Manager?

Asset manager gives agencies the ability to easily manage their officer-issued equipment, fixed assets, and even their fleet. One easy-to-use system with multiple applications.

  • 1. Start a sizing session
  • 2. Order the Asset as per the size specifications
  • 3. Assign and Track the assets issued to officer
  • 4. Know the status of assets with robust reporting

How It Works

With the power and flexibility of our software, you can manage and track everything from uniforms, vests, and gear to weapons, radios and more.


What is Asset Manager

Measure the Officer Vest Size

Upon completion of measuring an officer, a final size value is required to define the actual vest size. The size value is based on the simple combinations of the measurements on the brand and gender.

Order the Vests based on the size

The system indicates whether a piece of equipment is in stock or assigned to a specific officer, while maintaining a complete electronic and unalterable history of each item. You can produce this history with a simple click of a mouse.

Assign and Track

Asset manager will track when a vest was assigned to an officer, who it is assigned to, when it is due for inspection or repairs.

Reports and Analytics.

Maintain a complete electronic history of each item and pull reports to understand the usability and service of assets.

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