Uniform Catalogs: A Handy Guide For The Uniforms Industry

Nowadays, having online uniform catalogs are equally as important as having an online uniform store. For years, the catalog was one of the most important aspects of the sales process. They opened up lines of communication between retail customers and clients with regards to products and pricing and they offered buyers the unique opportunity to browse through multiple products at a time. But even though print media is becoming obsolete, B2B Ecommerce catalogs are finding a new home online. Now customers can sort through catalog pages with a simple click of the mouse on a desktop or a swipe of the finger on a mobile device.

Uniform Catalogs by Market Segment

At UniformMarket, you can select from a variety of different manufacturers of all industries including Public Safety, Corporate, Medical, Industrial, and more. When you sign up, you get access to nursing uniform catalogs, restaurant uniform catalogs, school uniform catalogs, or any work gear catalog available on the UniformMarket site. Regardless of which one you select, you'll also be able to view the full catalog of products, images, category structure, and pricing and how they'll be displayed on your online supply store. But that's if you're okay with UniformMarket doing all the hard work. Just remember you can change all the items that you want featured in a catalog and add additional information from your administration section. Just note that some of your suppliers may require approval before UniformMarket will load their catalog for free to your online store. Here's a small list of the many, many, many manufacturer catalogs that are currently listed in our database including:
Public Safety Catalogs Medical Uniform Catalogs Corporate Uniform Catalogs Industrial Uniform Catalogs
5.11 Tactical Alegria A+ Career Apparel Bates
Bianchi Auro naturale Alphabroder Berne
Blackhawk Barco Blue Generation Daystar
Blackinton Careisma Bag Makers Dickies
Blauer Cherokee Uniforms Big Bill Gerber Outerwear
Boston Dickies Charles River Apparel GFP
Bulwark FR Healing Hands Edwards Garments Haix
Carhatt Iguanameo Chefwork Hatch
Defence Technology Klogs Chefwear Hero's Pride
Dutyman Koi Cutterbuck Horace Small
elbeco Landau Daystar HWC
FlyingCross Life Threads Executive Apparel KleenBore
GH Armor Systems Maevn Fabian Couture LapcoFR
Hero's Pride Med Couture Fame Mocean
HWC Medline Genuine Grip Monadnack
Magnum Nurse Mates Klogs Portwest
Mocean Prestige Medical Profeet Premier Emblem
Monadnack Spring Footware Samuel Broome Profeet
Nightstick Ultrascope Sanmar Protech
Original SWAT Whitecross Tri-Mountain Apparel Rasco
Perfect Fit Whiteswan Uncommon Threads Red Kap
Premier Emblem Wonderwink Universal Overall Ringers Gloves
Pro Feet Vantage Apparel Rocky
Propper VF Imagewear Rothco
Protech Whitecross Sabre
Red Kap Whiteswan Safariland
Rothco Smith & Warren
Sabre Snapnwear
Safariland Streamlight
Samuel Broome VF Imagewear
Smith & Warren Wolverine
Snapnwear Workrite
Southeastern Shirt Corporation Wrangler Workwear
Strong Badge
Tru Spec

How to Subscribe to Any Catalog

To subscribe to any of 120+ manufacturer catalogs, you will need to create a store within UniformMarket. If you have a store with us already, you can access any of the catalogs in a backend module called “Catalogs." From there, you can pick and choose which brands you'd like to feature on your individual uniform supply store.
Want to sell more?

How to Start an Online Uniform Store

Uniforms and workplace apparel are always in constant demand for certain, various professions and industries. They also tend to be required in most workplaces, too. Depending on your location, you might find that there isn’t much variety when it comes to purchasing uniforms in terms of apparel itself and companies to select from. That’s why if you’re thinking about opening a uniform store, it may be best to open an online one. That way you can tap into a larger market and give people of all geographical locations the chance to broaden their uniform purchasing options. But how do you start an online uniform store? For this, there are seven steps you need to take in order to get started.

How to Sell Products from these Catalogs in Your Online Uniform Store

To get started, there are two main ways to start selling uniform catalogs in your supply stores.
  • Build a list of individual manufacturers and create separate accounts with each of them to receive product and pricing catalogs.
  • Launch your own online Ecommerce uniform store with UniformMarket and select and sell from 120 different brands & manufacturers and get started immediately.
Bonus Fact: Did you know you can use the Brand Syndication program to start selling catalogs by UniformMarket? In fact, when a uniform manufacturer updates their catalog, those updates will automatically appear in your uniform retail store. This gives retailers more control by being able to add an entire catalog or just the items they choose to sell. It's a great way for manufacturers to automatically update their products for an easier, simpler-to-use process.

The Benefits of Brand Syndication

With Brand Syndication, you can upload brand data through a back-end of your central admin portal and manage it with relative ease. But this only where the benefits begin. Brand Syndication affords retailers and manufacturers a wealth of helpful advantages including:
  • Retailers don’t have to worry about catalog updates from manufacturers as changes to the online store are automatically reflected in digital catalogs.
  • Retailers can either choose to stay up-to-date with the catalogs or stay away from the updates if they have their own inventory.
  • There is no restriction on the number of catalogs you can subscribe to. Subscribe to as many as you want!
  • You can dropship catalogs from a bunch of manufacturers all at once.
  • RRetailors have the ability to subscribe to only certain categories or products if they wish.
Regardless of why you would need Brand Syndication, there's no question that it would revolutionize and streamline your Uniform supply stores. For retailers, by uploading your online catalogs to a B2B Ecommerce catalog management system like UniformMarket, you're giving all of your customers or segmented markets the opportunity to browse through pages and pages of your uniforms, equipment, or gear in an instant. With a simple click or swipe, customers can access all of your products at once, add selected products to their mobile carts, and so much more just from an online catalog. Just because print media is growing out of fashion, it doesn't mean catalogs have to, as well. You just need Uniform Market's catalog management system to get started. For manufacturers, posting catalogs online with UniformMarket means publishing product data directly to thousands of retailers. With Brand Syndication, a feature of UniformMarket's catalog management software, manufacturers can now have full control of their brand presence online and showcase product lines to a variety of retailers – something that was never possible before with print media. Plus, they can relax knowing that their products are being accurately represented online and UniformMarket is helping retailers stay up-to-date with their respective brands. They also have access to analytics and reports and a self-service function, so they can do everything they need to from the comfort of their own office. UniformMarket has made the communication lines between retailers and manufacturers simpler than ever before through the use of online shop catalogs.